1- Zoom in to select your address/location

2- Submit; once the location is selected


MAZCODE is a method to shorten your geographical address from three lines to a customizable 10 digits only. Sharing an address has never been easier. Generate a MAZCODE and start sharing your address with friends or businesses.


  • Visual: view the location on google map satellite view or map view.
  • Fast: In lest than a minute you can get/view a MAZCODE
  • Short: MAZCODE are 10 numbers only; easy to remember and share
  • Exact: MAZCODE will provide the exact location and address on Google map
  • Accessible: MAZCODE info are available on web browsers, iPhone, Android, Nokia, and BB
  • Web Service

    Perform MAZCODE info retrieval on your website or in your software with our web service API. MAZCODE info retrieval will provide the end user with the lat/lng and the long address.